Categories Loss of 240v Power Monitors

Loss of 240v Power Monitors

Simply plug the ISocket into a standard outlet, install a SIM card and your done.

Loss of 240v Shore Power Monitor 3G 850 Mhz for Telstra Network
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When you lose shore power it can be expensive. Batteries go flat, electronics need re-booting and food spoilage can be messy. On a marina it’s not unusual to have a 240v power loss, maybe someone unplugs your power cable and forgets to plug it back in. Shore Power loss is a common problem. BlueRay has the answer for notifying you if power is lost and if its re-connected. Simply plug our monitor into your 240v outlet and install an active SIM card. SMS your number to the unit and you're monitoring. It’s that easy and reliable for only $299 you're ready to go.

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